Our Story

There is magic in being on a beach. A calm washes over you as you take in the scenery and listen to the waves lapping at the shore.

Your dream life realized

As if by breathing in the salty air, you gain a sense of clarity, reinvigoration, and an affirmation of life. Indulge in this dream-like state again and again in a well laid out community that you can call home.

Our Story

In collaboration with renowned SC&A, Seafront Residences is master-planned by Florida-based DPZ. The projects of DPZ, ranging from neighborhoods to cities across the globe, speak of the award-winning firm’s philosophy of forming communities that are environmentally responsible, and promote fulfilment and well-being.

“At Seafront Residences, the beach experience is elevated. Truly, life is better by the sea.”

From the manner the houses are aligned such that the coast is always in view, to the shared spaces that wind throughout the property, every element of Seafront Residences is placed with intention, connecting people with each other and with the environment in meaningful ways.

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Step outside your home and into diamond-shaped linear parks designed to give you a leisurely walk to the beach.